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  • What is the Palmyra Tree means?
    Palmyra tree botanical name is "Borassus flabellifer". Last two decades more than 80% of the trees are cut, and were erased to make real estate development. One of the most important trees that protest soil erosion, harvest rain water, and provide sustainable income to rural habitants.
  • What type of colours are used in the handicraft?
    The self-help-women use non-toxic colours for the handicraft. The non-toxic colours used in children products such as pencils and sketchpens. The colours are safe for any use other than any hot-food consumption.
  • Can I make bulk orders?
    Bulk orders can be made for any items. Minimum 20 pieces from each product/item are considered as bulk orders.
  • Can I personalise the colour choice?
    Yes, we could do personalised product and colours as per your choice. However, minimum order shall be 20 pieces. Please mail us your requirements, we will communicate with details delivery date and personalisation charges.
  • Can you make a product as per my design?
    Yes, we would be happy to assist you. Your design should be practically feasible with palmyra-tree leave's nature. We would be happy to make your design after a confirmation from the self-help-women group. There will be an additional cost for the new product development. Mail us with design details for us to make right offer to you.
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